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Orchard Hill Ponies (Stallions)
In this trying time...

We want to assure all of our shipped semen customers:

▪︎We collect ourselves on farm
▪︎We use disposable all in one liners
▪︎Semen will be in disposable centrifuge tubs
▪︎We only ship in equitainer 2
the equitainer will be locked with a code
▪︎When you receive semen you can spray

the equitainer with Lysol or any

disinfectant you choose.
▪︎We will be bleaching and disinfecting all insides and outsides of each equitainers   upon return to the farm.

Stallions shipped out of the farm:
Smoke Tree Dragon Tail
Alvesta Helios
Orchard Hills Fine China
Orchard Hills Snapdragon

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